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Itzel Gutierrez

I am Itzel Gutierrez, a senior, and as many of you I enjoy life. I have one brother who is 11 so that makes me the oldest one in my family. Those of you who know me knows that I’m nice, friendly and very open. There are more than one skill I have, for example drawing, photography but my favorite skill of all is singing. I love to sing because it’s something that runs in my family. I am always listening to music no matter what I’m doing I’m always wearing my earphones.  Although most of you don’t know this but Im actually half deaf. After school I love to go home and eat or draw. In school when I stay after, it’s in a club which is the Choir Club. In this club I am one if the coordinators and if you enjoy singing, you are always welcome to come join us. I also enjoy hanging out with friends. As a senior, I have made many memories here at Hoover for the past years like all the friends I have made as well as being part of the musical RENT, choir concerts, and the haunted houses.  But my favorite one would have to be being part of the ALMA academy and of course a memory I’m going to keep forever will be graduation.

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