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Katherine Lopez

My name is Katherine Lopez; I am a 17 year old senior, at Hoover High. My main goal is to graduate and go to college to pursue my dream of becoming a dentist. I will work hard so in the future I will be able to provide for myself and not depend on anyone. I consider myself a friendly, intelligent, responsible and mature young lady. I am always there for anyone who needs my help or needs a friend to talk to.
I was born in Mexico and first came to the U.S three years ago. It was very difficult to assimilate when I first came to this school. What I struggled with the most was learning a new language. I didn’t   know much English. In fact it was a language that I didn’t really practice back then until I came here and saw that everything was written in English. The only thing that helped me with this was that I never gave up; I knew I could do it so I did it, now I am very confident about my English skills. Not only that but I’ve always persevered and I’ve been able to maintain really good grades and also still be part of an orchestra in Tijuana.
       The reason why I want to keep moving forward and become successful is because my parents have worked hard for me to receive the best education and opportunities, and because of my parents and sisters, I will continue being a hard worker.

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