2021 Yearbook Theme


Nancy Pulido, Staff Writer

Hoover High School opened in 1930, and was established in 1931.  Something about this school is that, as soon as you walk into campus, you get the sensation that you belong and will be accepted no matter where it is that you come from.  Our school is diverse! We have students with different backgrounds, who share their culture and experiences.  What makes this year unique from the previous years is that we had to adjust to online schooling which at times can be challenging.  Hoover staff and students did not spend time with each other on campus and create bonds with one another. The only interaction with teachers and classmates was online in a Zoom or Google classroom. Students really missed spending time with each other without being 6-feet apart or more, and especially seniors who wished they could have spent their senior year like every other graduating class before 2020.

However, like Hoover students in the past, the class of 2021 rose above the challenges.  Many students are used to online learning and have arrived to class on-time.  They took advantage of the teacher’s online office hours to get additional help.  Some also came to school, with masks on, to pick up distance work kits that were full of supplies they needed.  Hoover students did what Hoover students do best, they adapted.  This year’s theme, Soaring to Great Heights, was chosen because Hoover students don’t give up!  They aim for higher grounds because anything is possible.  The Class of 2021 will have tall tales to tell about the pandemic year they survived during Covid.  They are determined, creative, resourceful, and resilient.  They will be soaring to great heights when this is all over.