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Chanmonita Loek
I’m a junior at Hoover High School. I’m very active and like to play sports. When I’m not watching Korean, Chinese, Thai, or Japanese movies I’m listening to all types of music such as Thai, Chinese, Cambodian, Korean, and American. I’ve loved K-Pop since middle school when it was introduced by her friend. Even if I don’t know what the song means, I still find it beautiful and respect the singers hard work and dedication. I like running and working out at the YMCA because it keeps me in great shape. I can run up to five miles in 45 minutes. I’m allergic to seafood and get rash right away if I eat seafood such as shrimps. I really want to get an A in AP World history and graduate in white because I want to prove that I’m capable to getting a  4.0 GPA for four years straight. If possible I want to go to a good college with a scholarship and get a PhD degree.

Chanmonita Loek, Associate Editor

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