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Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen, born in July, is a San Diego native and a senior here at Hoover High. He is Vietnamese, Chinese, and White. Dan is 17 years old, 5’8, athletic, black hair, brown eyes and has a thin figure. He is a kind, caring and (tries to be) honest person. He enjoys athletic activities such as: running, skating, biking, badminton, football, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Dan has been on the school badminton team since his freshman year, making it to CIF Regionals with his partner Shayla for mixed doubles in his junior year. You can find him at a nearby store that sells fried chicken, as it is his favorite food. Dan loves listening to rap music, Logic being his favorite artist, up on his list with J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Joey Bada$$. Dan also, on his spare time, enjoys playing video games and will most likely be playing a game in the FPS genre. He has a sweet tooth, Sour Patch Watermelon is his favorite candy, and Mint Chocolate Chip his favorite ice cream. In school work, Dan has maintained straight A’s (and occasionally B’s) throughout his high school career. He is dedicated and passionate, and shows grit when appropriate.

Dan Nguyen, Staff Writer

Feb 03, 2018
Malcolm X (Story)
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