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Devahni Vergara
Devahni Vergara is a high school senior who does not like social interactions. Making friends her age is hard because of her low social skills but she has great communication skills with adults. At this time, her focus is school so she does not go out much but she wouldn’t mind going places with friends and family. But because of a lot of free time, she has been able to gain skills such as organization and time management. Devahni is the treasurer of the Academy of Information Technology at Hoover High School. She will handle all finances that deal with the academy and make sure that this year is well-handled. When she graduates high school, she will be the first in her family to go to college. She will hopefully attend San Diego State University and earn a Bachelors in Computer Science. She has learned a lot about the world through Geographic Information System, which is mapping online, and loved it so that is what she wants her career to be about. With this degree, she plans to be a part of the company named ESRI and learn more about the world through computers. And with that, is Devahni Vergara.

Devahni Vergara, Staff Writer

Jan 30, 2018
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