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Fernando Medina
When he’s not in yearbook and writing articles for the school newspaper, he’s out in the field living his dreams as a high school athlete. Senior Fernando Medina has been playing baseball for Hoover since his freshman year and throughout his years at Hoover.  He will always remember this chapter of his life. One reason that made his freshman year so memorable was when he was apart of the baseball team who went all the way to CIF and winning the championship. The Academy of Health and Healthy Communities (AHHC) at Hoover helped him to discover his passion towards athletics and inspired him  become a physical trainer and being able to live out his dreams even after his high school days. Instead of only being able to say he only participating in one high school sport, he decided to do cross country for the first time in his sophomore year. His junior year was a huge turning point in his life when he decided to switch up his routine by signing up for yearbook. Being able to be a part of yearbook let him be able to write his point of view at Hoover and show how students live their lives on and off campus. He also loves to take pictures of sunsets and athletic events at Hoover.

Fernando Medina, Senior Editor

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