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Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez is a senior in Hoover High School, he is 17 but about to turn 18 this upcoming year. He is registered in the Alma academy which allows him to do activity he likes such as music and art. Jorge is the kind of person to be a chill person when he doesn’t have his close friends around, but when he does he gets pretty loud by all the tense stuff he’s been saying along with them.
Some of the stuff Jorge likes doing on his free time is to listen to some psychedelic music ordraw some of the most random stuff. His favorite bands are The Doors, Queen, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, and Gorrilaz. He doesn’t like to read that much but when someone introduces him to a really good book, then he will get into it. He hates everything that is the same and its normal, Jorge is kind of like the person to think outside the box and he’s different than other people because he thinks everything that is the same is just whack and boring. His favorite color is red because to him there’s just something in it the stands out more than other colors but he still likes
all the colors.

Jorge Lopez, Staff Writer

May 31, 2018
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