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Leonel Zavala
Leonel Zavala was born on March 14, 2001 in San Diego, California Leo and is the older brother to two sisters. His youngest sibling is 13, and other sister also goes to Hoover as well. Leo lives with his mom, dad, sisters, and his grandfather. When Leo was a sophomore, he was on the track and field team. Before Leo was a teenager, he played soccer the majority of his time. After school, he always focuses on studying on upcoming test and turning in all of his homework because he's serious about school and going to college especially planning to be the first in his family to go to college. One of Leo’s main hobbies is skateboarding. Leo's favorite food is shrimp. His favorite colors are green and black. His favorite subject out of all his highschool years is AP U.S history because

Leonel Zavala, Staff Writer

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