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Rose Yem
Rose Yem is a 15 year old sophomore in the ALMA Academy. She is a hard working and smart student. Rose loves food, sweets, boba, Starbuck, her bed and more than anything sleeping. You can literally find her sleeping anytime throughout the day. But when she is not sleeping she’s eating, listening is Kpop and 2000s R&B, watching k-drama or reading manga.

When she is not doing any of those things she is out with friends. They love going to the beach, going out to eat, shopping or just chilling at someone’s house. Rose is also a girl with many moods especially when she is sick or super tired. Her moods can be cheerful and kind to depressing and unfriendly. However, most of the time she is a sweet, kind, sleepy, and supportive friend. Rose may appear shy and quiet the first couple of time you meet her but you will soon see how outgoing she is.

Rose Yem, Staff Writer

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