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Trung To
Trung To is a very interesting individual. Hes a senior at Hoover High, and hes been at Hoover for all four years. Trungs a pretty good student, has never failed a class. He usually passes a class with a B or A, and at the lowest, a C.  The lowest grade Trung has ever received was a D, and it was for the first semester. Trung is most notably known for his long blonde hair he had last year. Trung is mainly known for his crazy stunts he does. His friends all know his personality is one thats always upbeat and silly. He never fails to make his friends laugh, whether its just a regular day at school, or if theyre not feeling well. Trung will always make sure to leave a smile on his friends. In his pastime, Trung usually plays badminton, powerlifts, or his spending his time learning about something, and sometimes sleeping. Hes played badminton ever since his freshman year, and he fell in love with the sport. Its a sport that requires the strength of a football player, and the grace of a ballet dancer. Trung recently started powerlifting this year, and hes really strong for a guy whos his size. Hes most proud of his deadlift, which is 275, nearing 300 pounds. Any other time hes not doing those things, hes probably sleeping or eating.

Trung To, Copy Editor

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