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Violeta Arreola
Violeta Arreola Molinero, a junior at hoover high, tends to get her hair dyed to different shades of purple or lets all the color go away. She loves to draw and thanks to that she has a bad habit of drawing on most papers she gets her hands on. Besides that she also like to paint. She may say she's not that good at math, but she's a great partner to have in group projects if  an artistic person is needed. Besides drawing and painting she's very into photography, she likes to be the one taking the pictures. She has 2 little sisters, and two cousins who attend Hoover, one in 11th another in 10th. She's in Cardinals Interact and is thankful for all the opportunities they have given her to earn a lot of community service hours. Violet has over 70 hours of community service. She prefers for people to call her Violet because it's easier for people to say. She may seem shy but can be very social once you befriend her. Some of her favorite stores are Muji and Daiso. There you can buy very aesthetic school supplies for good prices. 

Violeta Arreola, Staff Writer

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