Movie Review: Deadpool

Rogelio Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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This movie is Rated R and the staff member who reviewed this film is of age.)


What’s more entertaining than a crude antihero with a bad mouth, a dark sense of humor and a talent for taking out enemies with style? Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, is a former Special Forces operative who works as an assassin. His world comes crashing down after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wilson relies on drastic measures to save him, when a strange man in a suit approaches him and offers him a cure to give him super powers. Wilson saw it as an opportunity to get his life back, but little did he know that an evil scientist, Ajax (played by Ed Skrein) will torture, disfigure and transform him into Deadpool. After seeing what he had become, Wilson sets out to look for Ajax in hope that he’ll cure him and make him look normal again with the help of his allies. After much demand for the movie, Deadpool finally hit theatres and as expected it was a major success making $132.7 million within the Friday to Sunday frame. Much hype was made for the movie when a “test footage” was leaked in 2014, depicting a scene from the film which finally gave people the confirmation that we’d have the movie.

After viewing the movie I was amazed how one movie incorporated such a good plot and still have such dark humor, sex, drugs, and action filled scenes. It was more than I expected it to be. The film definitely carried out the actual character of Deadpool to life. Ryan Reynolds has been reserved for the spot of Deadpool for a while now and this movie definitely made up for the sad representation of Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but we won’t ever speak of that again.

Deadpool’s character really is what it should’ve been, a crude mercenary with a talent for taking out enemies and a tendency of breaking the fourth wall. Many of the fourth wall breaks in the movie came just in the right moments even where there was a fourth wall break inside another fourth wall break, or as Deadpool would call it a 16th wall break. There was even a little clip after the credits where Deadpool announces to the audience about the upcoming sequel. To conclude, this movie is an absolute must see and I definitely recommend it to anyone out there looking for a fun, action packed film.

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