Movie Review: Ip Man 3

Trung To, Staff Writer

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All martial arts fans are very familiar with this legendary film saga. However, does Ip Man 3 live up to its expectations? The first Ip Man movie starring Donnie Yen was released in 2008 and gained a vast fan-base with its carefully choreographed fight scenes and interesting storyline. With each Ip Man, still movie starring Donnie Yen, being released, fans got more and more satisfied.

Director Wilson Yip decided to cast an unexpected fighter in this movie, and that person was Mike Tyson. His addition to the movie sparked a lot of controversy about the fight scene that would later be seen in the movie. Many fans were excited about Tyson being in this movie, while many others were not happy about him. This isn’t the first time Ip Man fought a foreign character in the film series. I think that Tyson was a good addition to the movie, but the fact that Tyson was casted as this character just throws the movie off track. Tyson’s iconic face doesn’t really match well with the rest of the Chinese cast. There’s also a specific timeline in all the films, and Tyson obviously wasn’t around during any of the events that took place in the movie.

The plot of the movie is not any different from any of the old films. Frank (Tyson), a property developer, wants to take a city that Ip Man (Yen) resides in, forcing him to do something about it. Throughout the film, Ip Man takes on multiple enemies at once, just like the previous films. Like always, the fight choreography never ceases to amaze.

I loved how the director gave Danny Chan Kwok Kwan’s character, Bruce Lee, a lot more screen time in this film. Lee enters Ip Man’s room while he relaxes and asks to become his disciple after he was rejected the first time. We get to see the character’s massive potential as Ip Man throws cigarettes and matches as Lee furiously kicks them back with blazing speed.

Overall, the movie was put together very well. Introducing Tyson into the franchise seemed like a difficult task to do, and Wilson Yip barely managed to accomplish this in my opinion. Just like all the rest of the Ip Man movies, the plot was very predictable. It was the actors who did a great job of portraying their character, rather than just simply looking the part.

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