Off Campus Lunch

Rogelio Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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For a long time now, students have always argued for the chance to be able to go off school grounds during lunch. It still remains a controversial topic and there are still debates on whether it should be allowed. As a student, I believe that off-campus lunch should be a thing at Hoover because it would provide students with a sense of freedom, which can guide them to making wiser decisions in life. Students can help by putting money back into the local economy and it would make the school look more attractive to other students by having these perks available for students.

Having off campus lunch would really provide a benefit to Hoover students by giving them some sort of freedom. This freedom would allow students to make wiser decisions in the future and get a taste of adulthood when they’re off school grounds. Not only would they behave to maintain a good representation for Hoover, they would also do it to maintain the privilege of going off campus during lunch. Having a responsibility like this is crucial to a high school experience because the whole point of high school is to prepare students for adulthood and college. If you look at college campus, its students are roaming freely around the school. Our students should be used to this type of environment and way of living. And keeping our students locked inside school doesn’t really fulfill this goal.

Having an off campus lunch would also make the school look more attractive to students and make them actually want to attend Hoover. Having these privileges for them would make them want to do well and maintain good behavior to keep this. It should be allowed to students in grades 10 and above, because they are the ones that know a bit more about the rules around Hoover and how things go. Of course this wouldn’t be the only reason to attend, but it’s the little perks a school has that make it appealing as a whole. If we’re that type of school that is strict and keeps students locked in, it doesn’t really make students want to come to school. In fact, it would make them want to leave and ditch school. It’s only natural that if you keep someone locked in and limit their freedom, they will want to revolt and want to leave or ditch school just to go eat lunch. Aside from the school lunch being quite unattractive and not so healthy, having the students locked in would make them want to leave.

This would also benefit the whole community if off campus lunch were allowed. Students can put their money into aiding local businesses. Hoover students are always at nearby businesses like Yum Yum Yo, which is always packed with students before and after school. Our students want off campus lunch and we have good reasons why it should happen. Yes, some might argue that the students will most likely ditch, but office can keep track of the attendance of those students. They should be required to sign out in the office when they go off campus, and sign back in once lunch is over.

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