Music Review/Album Review: The Growlers

Michelle Rodriguez, Opinion Editor

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Music is universal and has the ability to connect and unite people. Everyone loves some type of music and on our campus specifically, we have tons of different kinds of people who listen to all types of unique tunes. It’s hard to condense what the majority of us listen to since we all honestly enjoy different genres like rap, rock, country, pop, indie, soul, psychedelic, reggae, and hip-hop, the list goes on. Personally I am a huge lover of indie music. I live for independent bands and artists with unique voices. The way this music makes me feel is euphoric. It helps calm and soothe my hectic self. I live for new and hungry artists are dying to be discovered. A couple years ago I stumbled upon a band called “The Growlers”. They make psychedelic rock music that gives off a beachy yet mellow vibe. It’s different from the norm and that is why I love it. Their album Gilded Pleasures, was released in 2013, and is a beautifully composed work of art and offers tons of catchy bass lines and glorious guitar riffs. Lead singer “Brooks Nielsen” has a voice like no other. He is overflowing with individuality and a voice that is unforgettable. The album is an overall reflection of the immense talent the Growlers have to offer. Gilded Pleasures is a fun album with a dark undertone. The music and instrumentals may be upbeat and surfy but the lyrics reveal a much more melancholic message.

My favorite song off of the album is a little tune called “Humdrum Blues”. The song has tons of groovy keyboard notes and amazing drumming that completely shape and guide the entire song. The song tell a story of a woman who has grown tired of her lovers busy and crazy life. The man lives in fear of losing her so he decides to make her his wife. It’s a beautifully composed song that flourishes both instrumentally and lyrically. The Growlers never fail to make artistic and unique music. Although they remain independent, their fame has increased. They have toured all around the world and have developed a loyal fan base. They deserve to be recognized for the crazy surplus of talent they have. The future brings great things for these young and hungry individuals. Without a doubt, I know they and their music will continue to thrive and continue to leave a mark in the independent music scene.

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