Can Bernie Sanders Live Up to His Standards?

Sean Khoth, Features Editor

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Bernard, otherwise known as Bernie, Sanders’ name is being spoken all over the country and even parts of the world as a result of his current presidential campaign and trending policies. Mr. Sanders’ proposes many things that are very appealing to the millennial population in the United States; however, if elected as President, can he live up to all the expectations he has put upon himself?

Mr. Sanders’ policies speak about many of the things that we idealize; such as education, races relations, and global warming. In my opinion, I feel that individuals who were born in my generation can very much appeal to Mr. Sanders. He also proposes his ideas that focus on improving the welfare of the lower class citizens in the United States. For example, he plans to make the wealthy and big corporations pay a fair share of their money towards taxes, proposes ideas about income and wealth inequality, a livable wage and then ideas that have to do with the environment and addressing global warming as a serious problem that needs to be acted on. His policies address problems all across the board, but the idea that caught my attention the most, was his stance on racial justice. This is a very important issue due to the fact that these words are not only coming out of a white man’s mouth, but a white man who was born in the age of racism and segregation. He was alive to experience all the hate during that time and continues to fight for love and equality for all.

Perhaps the most talked about and influential of Mr. Sanders’ ideas is his proposal about college. He believes that college tuition should be free and there should be no student debt. Yes, I believe that Bernard has some amazing polices and he will be able to live up to some of his expectations; however, a few of his policies may seem impractical. Mr. Sanders wishes to make college completely free and the only way to accomplish that is by raising taxes to pay for benefits like; health care and college tuition for citizens. This form of taxation has only worked for counties like France and Denmark, the countries that Mr. Sanders’ wants the U.S. to mirror. This policy would be downright impossible for a larger country like the U.S. to accomplish. However, his other policies are within his grasp if he is elected and I do believe that he will be able to accomplish some of them. As for the approaching presidential election, I really hope Mr. Sanders is able to capture the hearts of the amazing citizens that inhabit this country, for the improvement of the lives of everyone.

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