Senior Reflection

Rogelio Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Senior year is our final year and it’s filled with stress and lots of memories. We will never forget how we struggled throughout the year due to the entire college application process or by fighting to maintain our grades in top shape, so that we can be considered by a university. But those aren’t the only things in senior year that we will carry on forever in our lives. We will never forget Homecoming, Prom, Gradnite, involvement in sports, and just the fact that everything you are doing is probably going to be never done again. This is probably the most emotional part of high school with graduation right around the corner, but Senior year isn’t the most memorable year either. Our past years have also been a factor to who we are today and it’s great just to look back at how things have changed.

A lot has happened within four years. Up until now, there’s only so much we can say about how our entire high school experience. Our whole high school career is surrounded around the idea of going to college and getting good grades, but along the way there is an unspoken truth that high school is truly all about making new experiences and doing the most to make it truly memorable. This would be being involved in school, join a club or sport or just make many new friends. For me, high school has been the greatest years of my life and I hate to see it all come to an end. I remember being a freshman and having that “kid-like” personality where I was a mischievous young boy and just enjoyed my moments without the realization of school ever coming to an end. It’s crazy how four years feel so much like four months. Time really does fly.

The only regret I have, is that I didn’t come to Hoover for my freshman year. Being at Hoover from the start would’ve benefitted me a lot with support from the extremely beneficial programs such as Cardinals Interact, Aaron Price Fellows and the CAC program. I wasn’t blessed with these amazing opportunities at my old school. Although I didn’t spend all my four years at Hoover, I’m thankful that I ended up here and met the wonderful people that I know today.



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