Artists against Trump

Sean Khoth, Features Editor

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Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign has brought a load of controversy and hate throughout the United States and even some parts of the world. His comments have even influenced Compton rapper, YG, to write a song expressing his feelings towards Donald Trump. The song is called “F*** Donald Trump“, or FDT, and was released near the beginning of April. The track also features another well-known rapper, Nipsey Hussle, and both artists are very blunt and to the point when expressing views on Trump.

The song begins with an interview of a young African American female who speaks about how she and her friends were kicked out of her school’s rally for being black. Shortly after, YG’s iconic voice can be heard wailing “F*** Donald Trump“ as the chorus. YG’s verse starts off with the reassurance that he isn’t making this song because he hates white people, but only for Trump.

“I like white people, but I don’t like you,” YG sings.

Through lyrics, YG then continues to question why the nation of Islam and drug lord, El Chapo, have not attempted to harm Trump yet and reassures that if there is a Trump rally in Los Angeles, the residents of LA will make sure that the rally is prevented. His first verse ends with sayings explaining how Trump is a cancer and will fail to make America great again if elected as president. In my opinion, this is very important and influential because a listener can actually feel YG and Nipsey Hussle’s feelings through the music. It is one of his many songs that actually has depth and meaning.

Another reason why this song is influential is because YG is affiliated with Bloods and Nipsey is affiliated with Crips. These gangs have never been able to subside in peace. However, a man like Trump was able to unite the two gangs with his “policies and promises” if he wins the election. After Nipsey’s verse, another audio excerpt was recorded. This time, Donald Trump’s voice was projected and he was speaking about building a huge wall on the southern border and having Mexico pay for the wall. Both rappers obviously feel outraged by this claim and began to rap about their ties with Mexicans and Mexico’s tie to the United States.

YG’s actions will definitely lead the way for more groups of people against Trump and maybe even some more famous artists. He received a lot of reviews and love on Twitter after he posted numerous tweets of his newly released song. It seems that his fan base completely agrees with YG’s views and do not support Trump. Although YG’s concert in Los Angeles where he would perform FDT was halted by the police, his view on Trump will not stop spreading.