Trust the Process

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Trust the Process

Sofonyas Shibre, Editor in Chief

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Some students don’t understand the process that goes into working and perfecting your craft. The struggle to get better, work day in and day out in hopes of growing as a player. We go to Hoover games and don’t think about the offseason work that these student athletes take part in.

“Starting in February, we start TNT club volleyball. Being a part of the club, we practice from 6pm-10pm. We would be separated into different teams and play as part of Colina Recreation Center,” said junior Amie Muller. “We practiced twice a week, plus a game day once a week. We practiced hard as if it was part of season. We would play different rec centers and at the end, the team that had the best record was entered into the Balboa Rec Tournament. I was a part of the winning team and we took first place in the tournament.”

The days they spent at Hoover during the hot summer, when instead they could’ve been at the beach or taking a much needed break.

“Last season didn’t go the way we wanted it to go, so we’ve been working hard everyday since last season,” explains senior Chris Modica. “We run miles, lift weights, and get shots up everyday. Everyone is motivated to get better as a team and I believe we can win CIF.” – Senior Chris Modica

Sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, and many others need a much needed highlight for their dedication to their game and improving the way they approach it.

“Hoover’s soccer program allows players to develop in many different ways, drills that improve our touch and push ourselves to our full potential. Including on the ball or running drills to  improve our conditioning,” says senior Louis Baker. “ The summer soccer program also allows players to compete in summer league, tournaments on field or even on the beach. But the most important thing you learn is teamwork, at the end of the day it’s not the name on the back of the shirt that matters what’s important is the name on the front.”

Whether it’s for redemption or to maintain the status quo, Hoover athletes have dedicated their free time to their respective sports. Students watching the games don’t think about the process, they see the result at the games. Being a student is hard enough, but balancing school with sports has become the culture at Hoover. When their season comes around, don’t let the opportunity to support their hard work pass by.


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