Welcome Back Cardinals


Sofonyas Shibre, Editor in Chief

2018 is upon us, and this is the time to focus and make this year yours! From academics to social life, it’s possible with a simple shift in mentality. On this first week it’s crucial to create good habits that will carry you not only through the year but throughout life. There will be uphill battles, classes that seem impossible, but you’ll get through them better for it. It’s really a fresh start for change, to be a better version of who you were last year.

Already on campus there are noticeable changes like the reinstatement of the Loss of Privilege list (LOP), and the cleaning of the front quad floors. Let’s keep our campus clean, lets take on the challenges of this year ready with the those that want nothing but the best for us. Instead of quitting on resolutions the fourth week of the year, keep going, even through the setbacks because nothing is worse than quitting. Don’t quit on yourself or your goals!

Welcome Back Cardinals! Have a great 2018!