Choir’s Back!


Luis Dorame , Staff Writer

After a very confusing and disappointing school year, Hoover’s Choir was going through a rough patch in progression. However, two students have stepped in to take charge and resolve this issue. Senior, Laura Sanchez and, junior, Sarahi Pastrano have demonstrated the urgent necessity to help foster the students interested in choir and further advance their musical repertoire. They’ve both been able to start a new choir club that requires passion and dedication.

Due to a dramatic change in the music department’s teachers, choir was one of two classes to be dropped due to teachers moving on. However, two passionate singers have brought this issue to the attention Hoover’s music director Mr. Joel Ginsberg, and nothing but good has emerged. Mr. Ginsberg has decided to take over the teaching aspect of the new choir club, and an outside teaching artist will be able to help the students in the club. The club’s president, Laura Sanchez, has felt the need for this club to exist for both logical and personal reasons.

“It’s only right to start this club so that the new incoming and former choir students can get the same musical education,” said Laura Sanchez. “And still being able to come to school and have a hobby on campus.”

Sanchez also said that in the previous change in choir teachers, she was motivated to create an advanced choir club to give passionate singers more of a challenge than just easy music. Just like with the non-existent orchestra class, Sanchez believes that the only way to kick start the choir department again is to start from ground zero, and display a necessity of a choir class to administration.

The club has opened up its doors to anybody interested in improving their vocal abilities. If you think Choir Club is for you, stop by room 302 from 2:30-4:00 on Mondays and 2:00-3:30 on Wednesdays. This club is a chance for students to take up music and discover a possible hidden talent.