Jam-packed Senior Night

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Jam-packed Senior Night

Alissa Porter, Staff Writer

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Girls Varsity

February 15, 2018 is a night I will never forget. The crowd was screaming because it’s the night we play our rival school Crawford.

We first started off with with the seniors walking across the court, and it was a very emotional moment for us because we will never have a moment like this again. It was sad that it was the last home game with my “sisters” that I have grown closely with. All the memories I have created with my teammates will stick with me for the rest of my life. The sweat, blood, and tears with them through all the sprints, drills, the wins, and loses.

In the first quarter, all four seniors Alissa Porter, Zarah Aden, Lewesha Butler, and Cortney House  started, and we came out strong and played full court woman to woman.  We talked to one another about their players, like setting a screen or running baseline and we kept them at 10. In the second quarter, we still came out strong but then we kind of started slacking off and they caught up to us. By Half- Time we were tied 30 -30. The next two quarters, we had to give it our all. We could not slack off on defensive so our coach let us switch over to a 3/2 defensive, which gave us a break and was easier for us to see ball and our defender. It was a great game even though we were kind of close to losing at the end. We didn’t let them beat us because we played as one.  We had great communication with one another, and we never gave up on each other. The best part is that we made it to playoffs and will be going to play a team this Saturday at 7pm, in Hoover’s auditorium. I think we have a chance this year to become CIF Champs.


Boys Varsity

It was a double header on February 15. The varsity boys knew they had to win as well. They started off first with their seniors walking across the court with the screaming cheerleaders too. All four seniors Chris Modica, James Malveaux, JaLnn Harrington, and Jalen Jeanty started and they came out strong and ready to win. They had a pretty close game, just like the girls, but they came out with the win 78- 73. They worked together, they took their time using almost the full shot clock before they just shot the ball in the air. They did great passing to each other. You can tell everyone was giving their all. There were a lot beautiful 3’s made that night. They had a number of free throws because the other team fouled them.  I thought it was because they were losing. The boys played their first playoff game on February 21 and played against Sweetwater.  Their next game is Friday, February 22 at 7pm.  


I believe both of our varsity teams came out to win and they brought a lot of energy on and off the court. They had a huge crowd come watch and support the win. I think even when we were close to losing, we didn’t give into the crowd or the pressure. We just played our tempo of basketball. Good Luck to both teams in the playoffs!

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