In Case You Missed it


Sofonyas Shibre, Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, March 12th a senior meeting was held during lunch in the auditorium to discuss future events, fundraising, and any other questions that seniors had regarding the end of the year festivities.

Students were given the opportunity to take part on the chocolate bar fundraising. By selling, our boxes sellers can go to prom on a party bus and the top three sellers win 20%, 50%, and a free ticket respectfully. Prom tickets will be going on sale tomorrow March 13th. By the purchase of this ticket you will receive a free senior shirt up until April 12th. After that, tickets will cost $65, but if you purchased a senior shirt in the past, you qualify for a $20 discount. (see Mrs. Richardson Davidson)

Hoover seniors will also have the opportunity to go visit their old elementary and middle schools. In this activity 100 seniors will be going on a bus to visit their old school of their choice. Visiting their old counselors and teachers. If you are interested and want more information on this activity please contact ASB.

For Grad Night, our school will be going to Universal Studios. There was a vote conducted on whether or not there should be an extra hour for $30. If the idea gets enough votes, the additional cost will apply to every senior going to Grad Night.

Seniors are on the last lap of the race, weather they’re ready or not these events are coming, and they’re coming fast.