Are Drills Preparing Us?


Rose Yem, Staff Writer

Do you think that the practice lockdown we have are effective? Well, I don’t. In order to have a practice lockdown, we can’t allow students to goof around. The only reason why I think they’re not effective is because we know ahead of time. If lockdowns were more secretive students might treat it as the real thing. Then you’ll probably get a better result in the end.

Based off of the results of the last practice drill, I suggest that the lockdown drills should be kept a secret. In preparation for the lockdown drill, all English or all third period teachers had to present a little power point about what to do during the drill. Since it would be the first practice drill that didn’t take place during a class period but instead during a pass period, lunch, before or after lunch. The next day during the actually drill, the teachers tried getting everyone into the classes and I believe most of it went well.  However, a friend of mine was pulled into the library and she told me that the students in there were not on their best behavior. They were standing up, making loud noises, going on their phones, and turning the lights on and off. This is the point I’m making, that those students were messing around during a serious time. If that were a real lockdown every single person in that room could end up severely injured and/or dead.

Lockdown drills are meant for people to learn how to behave and act during dangerous situations and with students, knowing when they take place, this allows those “funny” kids to think of ways to make it a game. Lockdown drills should be taken more seriously because they help prepare us for a real lockdown that could have a life or death situation.