New Perspective on an Classic Rite of Passage

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New Perspective on an Classic Rite of Passage

Alissa Porter, Staff Writer

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As students flock to stores to prepare for what is the “most important” dance of their high-school years; In my opinion, prom night is not truly important, and it used to mean something.

Prom is considered one of the highlights of high school, since it involves friends dancing and having genuine fun.  Currently, prom is neither of these. It has become a competition, where everyone compares their dresses and cars with others. Most participants don’t stay for the entire evening, and leave early in search of parties. So why spend so much on preparing for the prom especially on the location?

“ If I’m going to prom, I’m not attending our prom,” said senior Zarah Aden. “I’m going to my date’s high school instead.”

I strongly believe that the price of prom isn’t too expensive, but Hoover should consider doing prom at a different place. I feel we should have it at a place where everyone would want to attend because I hear a lot of my friends say they don’t want to go to our prom or they want to go to another school’s prom.

This year, prom will be at The Lafayette Hotel, Swim Club & Bungalows, which opened July 1, 1946. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 31, 2012. All the Hollywood actors would go there in the 1940s and 50s. The hotel has an Olympic-sized swimming pool designed by Johnny Weissmuller (who played Tarzan in the 50s), a ballroom, and 131 guest suites, each named for a celebrity in film history.

The hotel site is old but we shouldn’t judge it on how it looks because we could have great memories here. We just need more people to have more school spirit and talk about the hotel in a good way.  I feel not enough positive aspects have been mentioned.

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