Baseball Season Serves as a Lesson

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Baseball Season Serves as a Lesson

Josiah Chavez, Staff Writer

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Hoover’s varsity baseball team was given the chance to play at Petco Park. As Principal Babineau went out to throw the first pitch, the bleachers slowly became packed.

The team struggled to hit, as Kearny High scored one after another off of little hits that were just out of the fielders reach.

“To be playing here as a senior,” said senior Anthony Villalba, the team’s varsity catcher. “It was just an amazing experience that I hope will be passed on to the up and coming players!

Despite the fact they didn’t win, the team still has high hopes to win future games. The thing about baseball is that, if you do not hold the right mindset from the start of the day, you may not play to your fullest. Seeing as how baseball is 70% mental and 30% physical, the likeliness of success is something that you can never be so sure of.

Coach John Bendy stated that the team is continuing to make progress with much potential to be a winning team. He continued that when the season started, not many of the players had played on the same team, meaning they don’t have as much chemistry as many of the other teams do. With a team full of talented players, only time can tell when they will come together as a completely solid team.

Many of the current players are underclassmen and they will hopefully continue into the next season to turn into a team that will represent Hoover well. With hopes and desires to win the rest of the games to come, the team continues to improve in both physical and mental attributes.

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