Grad Night

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Grad Night

Joshua Haydon, Staff Writer

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Grad Night is coming up for Hoover seniors, but the deadline to buy your ticket was last Friday with ticket prices at $130.  It will be held at Universal Studios.

From what  has been said, a lot of seniors will not be attending grand night and I don’t blame them. They need 54 more seniors from Hoover or any school in order to even have a grad night and if they don’t, they will have to cancel grad night.

First of all the price of the ticket is way too high especially for a place like Universal Studios. A place known for the lack of rides, you can go on all of them in just one hour. The ticket was originally $60 but they want to add a extra $70 just for the party bus. They should have just kept the ticket at $60 because that more than doubles the cost for an already expensive year.

Another reason is the night is set at Universal Studios. The seniors were originally supposed to go to Disneyland but the person in charge of it got caught up in the Florida storm and wasn’t able to set up the reservation. A lot of seniors were not happy with this decision and a lot of them did not feel it was worth it to go to Universal Studios because there is not a lot going on over there.

Moreover due to the lack of student participants, the bus schedule for grad night was changed to 12:30 which efftects the Senior Walk. Students now have to pick between visiting their middle or elementary schools.

This year’s grad night will most likely be less seniors then what they had in past years and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case because the tickets are way to expensive the location is not worth the price.

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