A Night to Remember


Prom Queen Brisa Capi and King Sofonyas Shibre

Sofonyas Shibre, Editor-in-Chief

Saturday, June 2nd, seniors put on their best looks as they took on one of the biggest rites of passage for high school students. This year, unlike past years, the senior class was left uncertain about the venue or theme, but because of this year’s cabinet worked overtime to provide seniors a place to hold prom. They did all of this under heavy criticism and a quickly approaching deadline, which should be commended and thanked.

The “Party with the Gods and Goddesses” commenced in the Mississippi Room at the Lafayette Hotel and was filled with beautiful seniors dancing, taking photos, and creating memories that will never fade. From desserts to flip photo books, there was something for students to do. They danced and took photos that will never get deleted from their respective social media platforms

Mr. Babineau, Ms. Conti, and Ms. Carrillo were all at the entrance of the hotel welcoming seniors to prom. Mrs. Richardson-Davidson, with the help of Ms. Savino, coordinated the decorations in the space and set up prizes to be raffled off. There were many other staff members there to chaperone. The only minor drawbacks was that the dance floor wasn’t as large to accommodate all and it did get warm inside as the night went on. But other than that, everyone looked like they were having a great time.

All in all prom was far better than it was supposed to be, and that’s thanks to the involved students and the caring staff members. Seniors had a night that they will hold dear and photos that they will hold onto even closer.