Trung To and Sofonyas Shibre, Editors

Through the Learning Through the Arts Title 1 Iniative, On June 1, Hoover students in the ALMA academy were able to work with teaching artists from various arts organizations and bring their works together in an end of the year culminating event.

The evening kicked off with Mr. Michael Heu’s drama students performing a flashmob in the front of the Weingardt Library. When they finsihed they walked toward the Performing Annex so the Ms. Behumi’s students can start their processional performance through the park area. The drama students also performed spoken word and another dance piece later in the evening. With the exception of the flashmob, the drama students’ choreography was by former Hoover Alumni Nhu Nguyen from transcenDance Youth Arts Project.

Ms. Kati Behumi’s sophomore classes worked with teaching artist Tara Ricasa from Bocon Arts. According to their website, Bocon “values the voice of our community. We value the diverse heritages we come from as assets that create a richer life experience, and the voices and stories that stem from that. We believe that our audiences deserve professional artists that reflect our community’s cultural backgrounds. We believe that everyone deserves an arts education.” Ms. Behumi’s classes created large scale puppets which they used to tell Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream.

As Ms Behumi’s class entered the patio, Hoover’s orchestra, under the direction of senior Luis Dorame, began to play. They also played during the intermission from the performances inside the annex.

Hoover High School's Orchestra

Mr. John Ta’s junior classes worked with teaching artists Liliana Hueso and Amiel Capinpin from Outside the Lens. According to their website, the mission of Outside the Lens is to “empower youth to use digital media to create change within themselves, their community and their world. Our innovative program engages youth, encourages them to tell their stories and teaches them that participation in their community’s future makes a difference. We use cameras and digital media along with a proven educational strategy that allows youth to think creatively, engage in issues that are important to them and advocate for social change.” Mr. Ta’s students created videos about the community of City Heights and what makes it unique. During the process, the classes were reading Things They Carried, The Crucible, and World War Z.

The event also showcased the after school Choir Club, under the direction of San Diego Opera singer Anishka Lee-Skorepa. The choir performed three songs and is a very young club with sophomores and one freshmen.

Choir Club

Ms. Amie Savino’s senior classes worked with two organizations this year: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and The Museum of Photographic Arts. One class worked with MCASD teaching artist Janelle Iglesias who help them create plaster fist casts that represent issues that affect society. Another class worked with MOPA teaching artist Megan Swiertz and through photography, guided students to create portrait collages of self-identity. The work they accomplished paralleled the novel 1984.

Drama students

This was the first time that Hoover High School had an event at the City Heights Performing Annex. Hopefully it won’t be the last.