Family: The Back Bone of a Good Education

Sofonyas Shibre, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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My family, like any other family, argues and bickers lovingly; however one thing my entire family can agree on is the importance of an education. Since my first day of school my parents always told me to get nothing but A’s even though there were no A’s in elementary school. My parents did this for me because they didn’t receive the education that I am receiving right now. As a result when I entered seventh grade I surpassed what they learned while they were in school and I think I’m doing well in school due to my parents.

In addition, some students are never taught the importance of education and that could have made all the difference in the long run. As I entered high school, I soon realized that I need to be able to push myself to achieve academic greatness; and I assume that I’m not the only one that realized this. The teachers don’t wait for you or baby you to complete your assignments. You have to take it upon yourself to check your grades and to keep up with your classes because it is your responsibility. Now, if a student hasn’t been taught the importance of education, they aren’t going to want to go the extra mile. It’s almost like a rug being pulled under the student without their knowledge. So I guess education starts at home with parents instilling the values of education on their kids.

There are students who have a genuine passion for learning that no one can take away despite being born in difficult circumstances. They are the lucky ones; they can succeed with or without their parental support. That’s obviously not the case for everyone because school is a marathon and sometimes you need people to cheer you on when it gets hard. Students that have attended schools in less privileged countries generally have more respect for the school system in America. I know this because I didn’t start school in America. In Ethiopia you have to fight and claw your way into the next grade making education nearly impossible. Sure the educational system in American is flawed, but it gives the opportunity for everybody to receive an education.

In conclusion, I am eternally grateful for my parent’s role in my educational development. A parent’s job is to give their children good morals and values, and mine have done just that. They may not be able to help me with my homework anymore, but they instilled the value of education in me when I was young so that I can help myself when they couldn’t and that is enough.

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