P3 can save lives

Justin Nguyen, Staff Writer

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The P3 app allows  you report suspicious activity that is going on in school to the Crime Stoppers program. This app was made to prevent dangerous and illegal activities from happening.

The P3 app was created in 1998 by Kevin Anderson and each state or location has a different type of leader or owner of that location. Once you submit a tip, the team investigates as soon as possible. Immediate danger tips, will take first priority.

Students know more things that are happening around their campus than teachers and staff, therefore this app was created. Creating this app solved this problem because it’s an anonymous platform where the students can share what they know about the other students at school to “prevent the preventable” as stated on their website. To be exact, 81% of most violent crimes that happen during school, someone knew it was going to happen. The most common reports for this app are going to list the highest to lowest priority.

At the top are threats of suicide followed by bullying, cyberbullying and lastly drugs on campus. There’s also a live chat feature with someone on the line at all times. This app can be accessed from all  devices including your phone, ipad, or from a computer.

This app lets you anonymously submit tips about potential crimes that you see or know in school. Students can report things on campus such as alcohol, assault, bomb threats, bullying, burglary, drugs, fighting, suicide threats, or weapons. These are in the campus section because it is either common problems found in school or problems that had happened in other schools around the district that are connected with the P3 app.  Also, the best part is that students may qualify to receive a reward if their tip is valid.

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