Ariel Cisneros


Andres Lara, Staff Writer

Ariel Cisneros is a senior and currently enrolled at Herbert Hoover High School. Ariel owns a fixie, which is a bike with a fixed gear, and he is currently undefeated in fixie racing. Every person he races, men or women, he will beat them to the finish line. He is a good student and his only challenge is keeping up with Mr. Ta’s class, but like a race, he keeps going so that’s a good thing. He doesn’t give up. Ariel is a very kind and caring person, who treats his mom and dad with respect. The only thing he enjoys doing with his free time is going out bike riding because he’s very competitive when it come to that. Ariel wants to go to a four-year college and is thinking about going to San Diego State University. He’s looking to major in engineering, because he likes to analyze problems and find solutions. He is a compassionate person who likes to contribute to society and help people out.