Get your physical now!


Stephanie Trinidad, Staff Writer

Sports physicals are important to student athletes at school because without the physicals being completed, students won’t be able to be treated by the trainer if hurt during the school year.

Are you trying to join a team at school? Well it’s required to have your sports physical to be able to play. You cannot tryout for the team if you don’t have it ready. This year they have been very strict with the physicals being done before tryouts. Trainer Chris Saffron can’t treat anyone that doesn’t have their physicals done. She needs to login everyone that she treats to a program on her computer. She has to login every student because she is part of a program that get her the supplies she needs to treat student athletes.

To get your sports physicals you could go to the health center to make an appointment. If you’re with the Maestra they will just need your parents to sign some papers but if they’re already filled out, you just have to make the appointment. If you don’t go to the Maestra you need to pay 20 dollars if you want your physical done by the health center at school. You also need to do an online athletic clearance, which is on the website You must answer the questions and put your signatures as well as your parents. Once you are done with all of that, you take it to Athletic Director, Coach Vanessa Stahley so she can approve your participation of your sport.  It’s important to have your physical done because you need to be treated if you get hurt. It will just help you in get help easier from the trainer when you’re injured.