A growing problem in the restrooms


Stephanie Trinidad, Staff Writer

There is a growing problem on our campus; students using the bathrooms for the wrong reasons; by hiding themselves to smoke in the stalls.

There are students who ditch class to go smoke in the bathrooms which disturbs other students  by the smell. Students that go to actually use the bathroom can’t because then they will smell like smoke, so then they have to go another time or find a different bathroom. As students go to class and pass by the bathrooms, they can smell smoke in the hallways. Students come to learn and concentrate on their studies.  It’s a shame that a small group of students ruin it for everyone. This issue isn’t just in the boys bathroom but in the girl’s bathroom too.

When you’re in the bathroom with someone that is smoking in the bathroom, and they get caught, you may be looked at as guilty as they are. The security most likely won’t believe you if you were minding your own business, and it’s hard to get out of the issue since you happen to be there with them. Hopefully, you will be able to convince the school that it wasn’t you. Most of the time, the staff reports that there is someone smoking in the bathrooms.

Problems in the bathroom are handled by security who will end up locking the bathrooms forcing others to find another bathroom. They first try to tell if it’s in the girls bathroom or the boys bathroom. Sometimes the person that is smoking gets caught sometimes they are gone already. If it’s in the girls bathroom the security waits till it’s clear to check it out. If caught, disciplinary action is taken.

There is no reason why students should be smoking in the bathrooms.  They should focus on completing their school years. I think the more serious question is why they have to smoke on campus in the first place?