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The Cardinal Staff wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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This year, the staff wishes to give what is non-materialistic…

If I could give anything in the world, I would choose to give love. I believe that by giving love to the world and people it would make a positive impact on the world and their lives. By giving someone love it helps with communication between one another. It allows people to feel open and unafraid to talk about things with someone who is showing love towards you. In the world there are so many people who are in need of love.  Love makes people feel at ease and people take comfort in knowing that they are loved. By giving someone your love you are showing them they are not alone in the world.

Nimo Yusuf  ’19


I gave nothing for Christmas because my family did not have the money yet when we arrived to San Diego. I didn’t know about Christmas because before I moved here because we did not have this holiday back in my hometown I grew up in. What I would want to give to everyone I know, what I really want to give is like a peaceful hug. I would also give them the best thing they all ever wanted since they were little kids or something important to them.

Nga Reh  ’21


If I was to choose something to give to someone in this world, it would be love. Love is the season because what it brings is love. Gifts come from love, food comes from love, time comes from love. Everything about giving is love, you can’t just give out something without having a bit of love. I would honestly be the happiest person if everybody knew what love felt. Some kids will wake up in the morning without no gifts due to poverty, feeling like they did something bad to not deserve some gifts, and at that point is where every little kid needs love. I know that because I’ve been there but fortunately for me I had the love of my parents but some kids just don’t have that kind of support.  I think the best gift anybody could receive is love from any individual. Even a dog can bring love into your life. If had the time and it was possible I would honestly spend time with anybody who doesn’t have no one to spend Christmas with. The sad part it’s impossible to do that in one day. The craziest part is some people don’t even want to spread out love, they see they can help out with the situation but are to wrapped up with themselves that they don’t do it.

Brian Quirarte  ’19


If I were to give something non-materialistic it would be friendship. Having friends is the best thing to happen in life. Being lonely is not healthy for someone and we shouldn’t be shy of talking to other people. It might be hard to make friends to some people we they must try. Friends would always be there for you and won’t give up on you. It’s hard to get through school or work when you’re alone so I believe people deserve to have friends that understand them.

Jackie Ocampo  ’21


Something non-materialistic that I would give to somebody if I could would be the gift of education, because that is the key to success. It opens a lot of gates for great opportunities and wealth and to be honest who doesn’t deserve the gift of knowledge. Many people around the globe don’t have access to a free education and therefore drop out of school at a very early age and sometimes never get the chance to even step onto a school campus. So yeah if I had the chance to give people something non-materialistic I would give them the gift of knowledge and education that way everyone has a chance to do something big in their life.

Alex Serrato  ’19


Giving something that is non-materialistic isn’t really something people think to give or expect as a present. But if we had to give something that was non-materialistic to someone or the world, I would give happiness to people out their that don’t necessarily have a hint of happiness in their life. Or I would give appreciation to those that don’t get enough from others. Like teachers and those workers that deal with so much and do a great job. Yet no one sees what they do. Along with sympathy to those that struggle with major illness, poverty, or that currently lost a close person in war. Warmth to those out in the cold or to those that don’t really feel the warmth of Christmas because they are away from their home. Friendship to those that are alone and that others are afraid or don’t want to get close to them because they are a bit different from others. Finally I would give love, both platonic and romantic, to those that don’t have it or lost it in the year.

Paloma Ocampo  ’21


If i were to give anyone any non- materialistic item it would be happiness because it’s something everyone deserves and  because people go through things. Being happy has a lot of benefits. Some examples are, that it can help you live a better and happier lifestyle for your health like, relieving stress, helps with heart pain, and boosts your immune system etc.  In some ways that people can help find happiness if surrounding themselves with positive people, hold your values, do things you love, and most definitely don’t be afraid to change. People were built to use happiness as a tool to evaluate the world that surrounds you.

Asha Noor  ’21


If I can give something non-materialistic to someone or to the world, it would be to care for them and giving them love and support. I believe these are the first things someone wants before they even want materialistic things. These are the things that make people feel better about themselves and make them feel more stable emotionally and physically.  The reason why I would give these things to someone is due to the fact that it is so simple to do. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but to the person who is receiving them, it can feel everlasting.  Many people don’t have someone to care for them and to be given love and support to them and honestly, that’s all they need for the purpose of them in order to keep going. It can have the ability to make someone achieve so many things in life instead of having to feel lonely and having no one to by their side and cutting their life short. People can have nothing and just by simply giving people these things, they can feel like they have everything, or at least feel like they have enough. Everybody just needs somebody to give them a push.

Makayla Siharath   ’20


A non-materialistic thing I would want to give to the world or someone is hope. Now giving hope isn’t always easy because some people will tell you a life story of how they have had hope but it never works out. Some may say that they’ll try to hang on with the little hope they have left but it’s really if you believe in the hope you have left in you. It can be taken by tragic events that happen or by situations that aren’t always perfect. However the outcome of the situation comes out everyone still hopes for a better day or tomorrow for each and everyone. Each year is to learn about being humble for what you give and receive from and to others as well.

Christmas is about having the hopeful feeling where miracles sometimes happen for the right reasons. All families should enjoy being together even if it’s across the world they are or 3,000 miles away on the east living with another side of the family, it’s to be thankful for everyone and everything around you. Not everything in life is guaranteed but hope can be spread from one place to another and it’ll continue on in every place after.

Bryanna Camacho  ’20


If I could give something to someone thats not materialistic, I would give it to someone I appreciate a lot. I would give this person respect. I would give this thing to this person because they deserve it and hasn’t been shown to them. I would give it to my mom because we don’t give her as much respect that she really deserves. My brother and I don’t respect her the way she should be respected. She has been nice and has done everything to tell us from wrong to right. We pay her with disrespect and treat her wrong for doing all for us and all she does is give everything to us have. My mom deserves all kinds of respect because she was worked hard all her life and has done nothing disrespectful to anyone yet. From all the things I could have given her I would give her respect because for me that is important although I don’t give it to her it’s still important. My mom would love for my brother and I to change our attitudes because we are at times mean to each other.

Stephanie Trinidad  ’21


Something that I love to give out everyday to everyone is love and friendship. Love is another form of dedication, passion and consistent performance. The best technique to evaluate happiness is to understand the value of a situation and act upon it wisely. We can say that happiness is indirectly proportional to love. Happiness is not something we can buy, it has to be created. Love is not a relationship between nations, it is a condition of mind brought about by serenity of soul. Love is not merely the absence of war, it is also a state of peace. Lasting love can come only to lovely people. Also love can heal some of the depressive problems people have emotionally. Love can heal a broken heart. Love can bring sources of positive energy to a discouraged soul. Love can connect people and keep them close regardless of the long distance. Love can build a bridge to the hearts and make them want to live together for the rest of their lives. The importance of friendship is crucial too.

Friendships exchange caring, celebration and solace. When people feel down, they often reach out to old friends for support and counsel, but in times of deep depression, they might avoid human contact, either out of lack of energy or thinking they are unworthy. They withdraw when they are most in need of the support from caring others. When you have a caring person next to you then you don’t have these problems.Good friends also are very open, genuine, and honest with each other. They tolerate each other’s frailties, appreciate their differences. Which is key to most of the society because the majority is different. I think this is important for everyone to have in their daily life in order to have a healthy and enjoyable life.

Carlos Palma  ’19


If I was given the opportunity to contribute something non-materialistic to this world it would be knowledge and the ability to see other people’s perspectives, because I think most the world’s misfortunes derive from a state of not being able to speak up for an individual or a group of people because there is a lack of education or knowledge on what is morally right. Seeing others perspective helps to understand each other,  and to see each other as equal and accept each other’s differences. Another factor for this world’s conflicts is due to a lack of empathy. There are people, especially those who are privileged or those who hold a substantial amount of power, who are not able to imagine themselves in certain situations simply because they don’t want to. Of course empathy wouldn’t change all of the this earth’s predicaments but it will surly reduce the inconvenient amount of discrimination that is brought into this world. It may be selfish to give a gift to a single person when there is so much suffering in this world. Therefore if I had a opportunity to bring peace to a person or the world, I would help the world. I wouldn’t be happy knowing I had a chance to help the world but I decided to be selfish and help a loved one. I want to get away from the us versus them mentality. If every human let go of this type of mentality then the world will certainly be a heavenly place.

Machair Ahmat Adam  ’21


If I can give anything to someone or the world it would be love and equality. Love is a big factor in someone’s life because sometimes all a person needs is to feel loved. The people who I think need the most love are orphans, those who don’t have families, or kids at the hospital. Orphans to me are the most affected especially when they’re kids. They have to spend holidays with other orphans, but it’s not the same than with your own family. Sometimes I wish I can help out all the orphans and broken up families to be with their loved ones.

Leslie Osuna  ’19


The holidays are for giving and being thankful for what you have. You don’t necessarily have to give materialistic things but it can be love or friendship. This year of 2018 something I would like to provide someone with would be friendship. I believe friendship is important because we all need someone we can talk to and trust with our secrets. A friend is someone you can hangout with and go explore the city with. Something else you can give to someone that isn’t materialistic is love. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. Love can brighten up someone’s day because it shows that you care for them. When people show appreciation towards someone they feel like everything they do doesn’t go unnoticed. You can also provide someone with an experience, take them out somewhere where they’ve always wanted to go. It will leave them with a good memory about you. Giving people things that last them forever is better than material stuff because eventually they’ll end up in the trash or unused or sitting in a storage. I believe non materialistic things have much of a deeper meaning.

Magy Perez  ’19


Something I could give to everyone would be happiness or self satisfaction. This would help out the entire world. Not everyone is satisfied with whom they are or their lives so with this, people would be able to do better in life.

Jared Flores  ’20


Something materialistic that I would give the world is the skill of not giving up. Tons of people face difficult things to overcome so they just give up and stop trying. This skill will help people that stop trying and it will push them to their limit to try their best. For example, as a student in high school, there are a lot of students that struggle with some subjects that are difficult for them and they just want to give up. They usually just stop trying in that class or just slack off. If students were given this skill, they wouldn’t stop trying and they would get good grades. This skill doesn’t only go towards students but to adults too. Adults usually get bored of work because it’s repetitive so they lack interest in what they’re doing. If they work hard enough and don’t give you they might get a raise in pay. This shows that you should not give up in what you’re doing because it pays off if you work hard enough. Like I said before, you work hard as a student, you get good grades and if you work hard as an adult with a job, you might get a raise. In general, if everyone was given the skill to not give up, it would change a lot of things in the world. Like the people that are trying to make a change in the world would always have the passion to keep trying and striving until there is something successful.

Justin Nguyen  ’20

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The Cardinal Staff wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!