It is a day to honor Dr. King’s legacy

The Cardinal honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This story was first published on January 22, 2019.


Nimo Yusef, Staff Writer

Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who fought for the civil rights for all citizens. Also he taught the people to fight non-violently no matter what others do to them.  He fought hard to end segregation and other forms of racial discrimination, which was an important topic of the time. After his death many people got angry and started talking about him, especially the black community, because he was an important person in their life. He helped people gain freedom, and we honor him with a national holiday for that reason. African-Americans were unable to live their lives freely in the United States before he pushed for changes in society. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 ensured that African-Americans could actually register to vote, because before they faced unfair literacy tests and other hurdles to register.

The holiday is celebrated across the nation, on the third Monday in January. We get to remember the good work that he did and think about the current situation in this country. We still need to think about racial injustice in this country and the ways we can seek equality for all. It is also a day to remember the racial injustice that was put upon African-American people in the past and the present. He is celebrated with a national holiday because he was an important man and the King holiday serves multiple purposes, It honors the total legacy of King, focuses on the issue of civil rights, highlights the use of non-violence to promote change, and calls people into public service. Also it’s respect that the people are showing that they care about him and his work hard that he did, because he was working for the people, not only himself or the only people that he care.