Be careful what you post

Malea Kealoha, Staff Writer

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Privacy is something that is very sacred to someone. It is what makes us feel safe from society. When someone has a secret, they don’t want the whole world knowing. If they tell you a secret, that means you need to keep it to yourself. You shouldn’t put their business out there just because you don’t like the person or you want someone else to know. With all the social media you can’t keep your privacy. Once you post something on the internet, it’s out for the world to see.

You can delete or take it off the internet, but people have already seen it and they can’t unsee it. It may not even be erased all the way. It’s still there in people’s memory and it puts you in a vulnerable position, making you wonder what people think of you. You can have some trust for your best friends. It doesn’t always have to be, you putting all your trust in your best friends because even the closest people can backstab you. You have to be able to put your trust into people that you know very-well and that you can talk to about personal things. You can tell who your closest friends are by their ability to trust you, as well as you trusting them. Nothing is ever really safe on the internet and for people. You have to keep everything to yourself.

Privacy has become a real issue because it creates depression and then the cyberbullying starts. Once everyone knows your business, they could probably try to blackmail you and put you on the spot. If someone shares something about me that was private, I would be upset and feel very depressed because now the whole world has a perspective on me. People that don’t know me personally, would only know the bad things said about me. That would be considered cyberbullying or bullying in general, which would make me feel bad about myself and question myself, like who am I going to get talked about poorly today. Privacy has a huge impact on society and we need to take into consideration that people have feelings and if we didn’t want our privacy exposed then, we shouldn’t expose them. After all, it is a two-way street.

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