Things My Mama Never Told Me

Love yourself for who you are

Things My Mama Never Told Me

Asha Noor, Staff Writer

Growing up, I was never in shape and never really had self confidence. It all started when I was in 3rd grade when I first moved to San Diego.  That’s when I started eating more than I usually would. I never really noticed until I started getting bullied by my peers and my family members bringing me down because of my weight. I was already stressed as a kid because I used to get bullied because of my dark skin color.

My mom never really paid mind to my bullying because who would listen to a kid? All the endless nights I would cry to myself asking why I wasn’t skinny like everyone else in my class. As I got older I learned how to control my weight.  I even went on a diet when I was only in the 6th grade. Taking all the negativity was never easy but I’ve learned to at least love myself. Growing up as well, it wasn’t always easy making friends. I really never had friends and people would avoid talking to me and that made me even more stressed.

As a kid, your suppose to have a good childhood and enjoying and having fun but it wasn’t like that for me. My advice to anyone that has trouble loving themselves is they should see what their problem is and try to fix it. For example, trying to lose weight, try to set goals for yourself and make sure your not giving up on yourself. Think of it as a prize, and once you get to the prize you’ll be happier. Loving yourself isn’t going to be easy at first and it takes time. It takes steps and if you don’t give up on yourself and you will get there.