Tally Hall

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Tally Hall

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Jasmine Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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There is a plethora of musical groups and singers that perform and have performed in many different genres. However, many don’t have a specific genre name for the type of music they play. One such music group is Tally Hall.

Tally Hall is a band that started in 2002. The band members are Rob Cantor, Andrew Horowitz, Ross Federman, Joe Hawley, and Zubin Sedghi. However a neat quirk about the band is that they refer to themselves with the colors of their ties; Rob is Yellow Tie, Andrew is Green Tie, Ross is Grey Tie, Joe is Red Tie, and Zubin is Blue Tie. They released two albums; Marvin’s Mechanical Museum and Good and Evil. My personal favorite of the two is Marvin’s Mechanical Museum because of how mystical, upbeat, and sometimes even a little bit unnerving their music sounds in that album. My favorite song of their album is “Spring and a Storm”.  I really love the incorporation of the thunder and rain included in the song and how the mood shifts around, from calm to more upbeat.

The music of Tally Hall can have deeper meanings behind them, which I love. Their song “The Whole World and You” sounds like a really cute song about praising someone for being great, but in reality is a message about the people being the most qualified to rule themselves. I also love how you can make your own interpretation of what the songs mean is really nice. I personally love how mesmerizing their music can be. They don’t have a set genre of music. They even made up a name for the type of music they play, calling it “wonky rock” and later calling it “fabloo” instead.

A bit of a warning about them though; their music videos are very strange. The music video for “Banana Man” contains trippy imagery that is both very funny to look at and kind of disturbing at the same time. I’d recommend watching lyric videos to listen to their songs on Youtube if you don’t want to worry about being really weirded out. Some are less weird than others, but just in case, don’t take your chances unless you’re okay with it.

Overall, I’d very much recommend the group. Unfortunately, they haven’t released any new music as a whole group since the release of Good and Evil. On the brightside, Tally Hall content from the members doesn’t completely stop there. Joe Hawley released an album titled, Hawaii: Part II under the name Miracle Musical (or ミラクルミュージカル) with three other members with music with a more erie feeling to it. He’s also released an album of his own titled Joe Hawley, which is more based around hip-hop.

Rob Cantor is still making music, having release Not A Trampoline and recently producing nursery rhymes for Disney Junior (which isn’t as cool, but he’s still working with music). He also has two viral videos released, producing a song along with a video about Shia Labeouf being a cannibal and one where “he” sings his song “Perfect” in different character voices (spoiler warning: he didn’t actually do any of the voices other than his own. He made a video about making it too to see who were the real voices behind the video were). I’d recommend their music to people who haven’t listened to them yet. They have a pretty decent sized fanbase, but deserve more recognition for their music. They’re a pretty weird band, but that’s what makes them amazing to listen to. All of their songs are worth listening to at least once, and I think you should give them a listen.