Top 10 Valentine’s Movies

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Top 10 Valentine’s Movies

Christian Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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New staff writer, Christian Gonzalez, lists the most watched movies during the Valentine’s Day season.  Did your favorite make the cut?

  1. The Notebook- A love movie that shows you every moment of two lovedones life.
  2. Pretty Women- In a modern day scenario, a rich guy picks up his future loved one, though things didn’t go smoothly, the two fall in love.
  3. Gone with the Wind- This movie shows how Love can be gone in an instant, and nothing’s guaranteed.
  4. The Wedding Singer- If you enjoy movies with Adam Sandler, you’ll like this one, 80s themed full of laughing and love with an amazing ending to it.
  5. Dirty Dancing- This movie is about a couple that people want to keep apart. Its 80s fashion and involves lots of dancing.
  6. Titanic- If you like long, romantic, and emotional movies with action, Titanic may be the one.
  7. You’ve Got Mail- Online crushing had just began a thing, two individuals learn that your online crush may be the person you dislike the most.
  8. Love, Actually- British humor, this movie looks at love in a humorous and serious.
  9. 10 Things I Hate About You- This movie relates to real life moments in a high school environment of two loved ones that work out even in the worst situations.
  10. When Harry Met Sally- Two individuals seem like a bad match until they bond out their differences in the most iconic ways.
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