Bye Bye I-High on April 1


Melanie Sanchez, Staff Writer

April Fool’s Story #1

Thank you for allowing The Cardinal staff to carry on this annual tradition!

Next year, IHigh will no longer be available at Hoover.  The district has looked at Hoover’s data on student failures in certain classes and has decided that IHigh is not beneficial.  Also, it costs more money to have an IHigh teacher than a regular teacher.

The alternative is to start a two period night school which will start at 3:30 pm and will end at 7:30 pm.  This will only be available to students who are on the priority list. The night school classes will be just like the regular classes during the day, except 25 minutes longer.  If a student has four absences, he/she will be dropped from night school. If the student is tardy four times, he/she will be dropped as well. All other students will have to make up the class in lieu of an elective, or move to a different school.

“Imagine being a senior in a class you should’ve passed,” said senior Fernando Medina. “Surrounded by underclassman who may be doing better than you.”

This will impact the student body for years to come.  Students will have very little options to pass classes and the administration advises students to work as hard as possible to pass their core classes needed to graduate.

“I think some students are just lazy,” said junior Penny Lane. “And the sad thing is that they think they’ll be able to make up their credits in time.”

The district, administration, and counseling have agreed to transfer students out of Hoover if they are consistently failing classes.  This move provides more effective teaching time with students who are on track to graduate.