19/20 Hoover election candidates

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19/20 Hoover election candidates

Ebony Bowen, Editor-in-Chief

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The Cardinal asks the candidates why they are running for office.

Wendy Reyes(Class of 2020, President)- “To make 2020 unforgettable.”

Sonia Lopez(ASB Treasure)- “I want 2020 to be the best year of our high school experience.”

Sarai Maganda( Class of 2020, Vice President)- “It’s important for me to advocate for Class of 2020 to make our senior year memorable.”

Jelani Lizarraga ( Class of 2020, Secretary)- “I want to make our senior year the best and most fun year that class of 2020 has ever had.

Luciela Butler (Class of 2022, President)- “I think it’s important to show the kids that they have someone to support them.”

Chris Acolt (Class of 2022,Vice President)- “ I want to make a better change at Hoover and for my class.”

Kimberly Flores(Class of 2022, Secretary)- “I’m running because I want to help and support my class and to have fun.”

Angela Galan Martinez( Class of 2020, Treasure)- “I want to make our senior year fun and spectacular.”

Ashanti Hernandez( Class of 2021, Treasure)- “Being treasure would mean being more involved with my class and learning new skills.”

Brianna Brown(Class of 2021, President)- “I wanna make hoover a more student ran campus that is full of school pride.”

Brianna Brown ( ASB Secretary)- “ To turn Hoover into a campus that we all can have fun and be proud of.”

Estephany Nunez (Class of 2021 Secretary)- “I’m running again for secretary because I want to better myself in the position and because i really enjoyed it.”

Lindsay Arzola(Class of 2020, Vice President)- “I want to make sure our senior year go really well and I want to make our senior prom very memorable for the class of 2020 students.”

Kimberly Oaxaca(ASB Vice President) I feel like I would be a good candidate because I am willing to work together with the ASB President.

Jurnee Harnage (Class of 2020 Secretary)- I am running because I plan to unite our class in an effort to make senior year a time to remember.

Vanessa Medina (Class of 2020 Vice President)- I am running because I want to insure that the Class of 2020 has the best senior year but also to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Yosief Abraham (Class of 2021 Vice President)- Having an older sister who struggled through with her own 2018 class, entices me to be involved in the foundational leadership required to secure the class of 2021 an amazing senior year without the worry of funding.  Being Vice President means I could trail and shift the trajectory of our plans, in the hope to satisfy our needs.


Hao Trinh (Class of 2022 Treasurer)- I’m running because I am very open and understandable and that I can try my best to make our high school experience a little bit better.

Zaira Linares (Class of 2020 President)- I’m running because I want to be able to lead and make a positive impact on my fellow classmates.

Jayda Moore (Class of 2020 President)- I am running because I saw that our class was segregated and not as close as we could be so my goal was to bring us together and for 2020 I have the same goal.  But also to empower our class and have us emotionally prepared to go into the world and be confident in who we are.

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