Graffiti Art


Jasmine Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Before putting more thought into it, I would’ve thought nothing of the graffiti in the bathrooms. Right now, I actually really like how it looks. Sure, maybe for some people it doesn’t appeal to them. Maybe they don’t like how it looks or don’t like graffiti as a whole. However, I see it as something that’s pretty cool to look at. It’s not done by a professional, it’s done by a student of Hoover.

This is graffiti art, which usually has a negative connotation with gangs. However, graffiti can be wonderful works of art (excluding gang tags, those aren’t art). Someone could be hired to do that type of artwork on their building; all of which would be considered perfectly legal. It also takes time to do it. I’m not experienced with spray painting on walls, but I am an artist myself. I know that depending on what the artist is working on, it could takes hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to finish. Having to paint on walls looks like it could be difficult to do and take quite a while to finish completely.

I really admire the time and dedication that one student put into the graffiti art in the bathrooms. I don’t know exactly how long it took to finish, but what I do know that a lot of hard work was put into it in order to brighten up the bathrooms, even though they still can get messy. Just knowing that can get me to appreciate the work put into it. So even if it doesn’t live up to someone else’s standards, I still really like it.