Ariana Rivera


Kassandra Valdez, Staff Writer

Itzel Ariana Izquierdo Rivera was born November 9, 2000, in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico.  She is currently a senior here at Hoover, and has enjoyed the three years she has been here. Ariana, which she prefers to go by, is a Latina, and her background is represented by the Mexican culture, traditions such as food, and it’s art in folkloric dances. Ariana has participated in  JROTC, and is currently involved in the Social Justice Academy Student Leadership Team for event planning. She plans on having a part time job while she goes to school and starts her career. She plans to go to Mesa College and transfer to UC Santa Barbara after she is done with her general education. She plans to major in psychology and minor in writing.  She would hopefully like to become a counselor in the future. However, art is her passion, especially writing, painting, and music.  In her spare time, she enjoys sports. She wants to be able to achieve success, to make all her projects become reality and be able to grow as a person. She wants to be able to look back at all of her hard work she knows in heart she can do.