The return of ALMAgeddon

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The return of ALMAgeddon

Chanmonita Loek, Associate Editor

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On April 24, ALMA brought back ALMAgeddon, with a new twist; the fight to the finish for the Shield of Honor!

“We wanted to do something that the whole ALMA academy could participate in,” said senior and co-organizer Chris Monroy.

The last time the academy held ALMAgeddon was back in 2016.  At the time, the academy just gathered together to celebrate the arts.  This year’s event came at the perfect time as students were finished with SBAC testing.  The battle took place in the Big Gym during second period, with students sitting in their class sections.

“This was fun to plan,” expressed senior and co-organizer Janett Linares.  “The battle was fun to organize and watch and the students participating had a lot of fun!”

Each grade had a team of 10 students and five alternates.  The first activity had each class shouting out their graduation year.  This was followed by an egg relay, plastic eggs of course, the Kowabunga relay with human wheelbarrows going back and forth in the gym, and the final battle of tug-o-war.

Each grade did their best, with the final battle between the sophomores and seniors.  Of course, the seniors won shouting out “19” the louder than “21.”  The seniors will carry the Shield of Honor, forged on the island of Hawaii, until the end of the year.

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