The 2019 yearbook is on its way!


Chanmonita Loek, Associate Editor

This year’s 2019, Dias Cardinales yearbook, is almost here!  The theme, “2019 to the eXtreme” captivates the spirit and drive that makes Hoover students unique.

Editor-in-Chief, senior Violet Arreola, along with her team of editors, started creating the concept of the book at Jostens yearbook camp at the University of San Diego.  They met for a week during the last week of July to design and create layouts, ideas, and most importantly, the cover.

“We wanted to capture students in the most emotional moments of events,” expressed junior Associate Editor Rose Yem.

Students can still purchase the yearbook for the advance price of $60.  Hoover has one of the lowest priced books in the district.  The goal is to make sure seniors are able to get their book without breaking their wallet.  However, keep in mind that there are only 200+ books available and Miss Arreola expects this book to be sold out.

Yearbooks can be purchased from the finance office.  Students need to clear their library fines before receiving their yearbook.  Please see Mr. Legaspi in the library.