All we want is Peace in this world


Angie Galan, Senior Editor

Last year, the Hoover Peace Council held a symposium on gun violence solutions, so it is no surprise that the club would conduct a Peace Week in honor of International Peace Day.

According to HPC President, senior Machair Ahmat, the peace week is a time dedicated to exterminating hostilities towards each other and to set aside our differences and to live with each other despite the differences that may separate us.

“This year’s Peace Week was important because it showed the animosity that consumes us,” expressed Machair. “We can all use this week of peace as an example of the venom that consumes our world and how Peace Week is an important time to take steps to purify the venom.”

The Hoover Peace Council was formed by students and teachers from multiple academies who wanted to establish and maintain a culture of compassion, conversation, collaboration and kindness.

“Peace Week was one of the efforts the council organized to exercise those values as a school wide campaign,” stated HPC adviser Ms. Yolanda Gooch.

The Hoover Peace Council meets every Thursday during lunch in the MPR. The club is open to all students. They are currently discussing what actions can be taken during the school year. They hope their end-of-the-year event is as successful as last year’s. If you and your friends want to create change in the world, the Hoover Peace Council is a good place to start.

“Now is a good time for young people to take action,” said co-adviser Mr. Michael Heu. “Young people can change and create the world that they wish to live in.”