Aranza Fernandez

Jasmine Gonzalez, Copy Editor

Aranza Fernandez, a 14-year-old sophomore, is a very social, friendly, and outgoing girl. She’s in the health academy and currently taking one AP course, which is AP World History. In school, she’s a member of the Key Club and as a school sport joined track and field. In her spare time, she loves to bake as her main hobby. Aranza really enjoys being with her friends and spending time to hang out with them. At home, she lives with both of her parents and her older sister. As for pets, she lives with three cats, a crested canary, cockatiels, and many chickens. At home, she most often hangs around her cats and enjoys their company. In the future, she wants to go to college to study and become a family nurse practitioner. She had once dealt with pneumonia and had been hospitalized for many months. It’s been many years since then, and she’s now living a healthy life.