This one isn’t funny

Martha Nunez, Staff Writer

The Joker, released on October 4, 2019, has become one of the most loved but criticized movies of the year, and it already has already increased since the first week $55 million opening to a worldwide with $737.5 million, which keeps increasing. The movie has an R rating due to intense scenes, thought-provoking moments and it leaves you with unanswered questions. It is also violent and deals with the topics of mental issues, massacres, and real-world troubles.

As a DC lover, the movie was nothing like the other past movies about the Joker; the scenery is different, there is a unique purpose, with all the focus towards the main character, so it’s not like any typical comic book movie. What I mean by that is, it’s different because in this movie, the viewer really gets to experience the emotions and understand the truth behind the  Joker; his backstory, his crazy mind, unlike the movies during the early 2000, where there was no understanding of who this person is.

In my opinion, actor Joaquin Phoenix was amazing and portrayed the character in every creative way possible, from the creepy laugh, to the weird scenes. In addition, the way he played this guy, as isolated, bullied and disregarded by the Gotham society; Phoenix turned Arthur Fleck, into the Joker, a criminal mastermind without an ounce of remorse. Lovers of the movie are now left with anticipation for the possible sequel.

Although some people enjoyed the movie, others say the movie should be banned for safety reasons, and simply not worth watching for how it’s played out. For example, The New York Times critics say based on viewers of the movie, ”it has the potential to inspire acts of real-life violence, trigger a person who deals with similar issues like is seen in the movie… the film is afraid of its own shadows.” Another source, The Guardian, quotes,  “The film holds your attention up until Joker’s terrible revenge bloodbath on the subway early on, perhaps intended to echo the notorious Bernhard Goetz shooting of 1984… throughout the movie is just filled with tedious and forced material about Joker’s supposed triggering of an anti-capitalist, anti-rich movement with protesters dressing as clowns”. As reasonable as this sounds, I still hold that the movie was really worth watching and leaves the viewer shocked, with not only how Phoenix portrayed The Joker, but all the elements: the background music as the soul of the movie, the madness of The Joker, the cinematography, the supporting cast, the direction, they all really did an amazing job.  Despite Joaquin being the center of attention and most liked of the movie, I personally feel like Robert De Niro also stood out to me for the way he was basically the first to experience Joker in his true form and played Murray Franklin as the person Arthur looked upmost to in his comedy acts. When all the other actors came into the scene, it made the movie feel more real and made the viewer understand more influential people who were involved in the turning of Joker.

Not only has the film already won the Golden Lion, at the Venice Film Festival, but it also has chances of winning more future awards. I recommend people who can’t handle violence, bloody protests, murder, and mental issues should not even think of watching it, because it’s filled with triggering scenes for some viewers. For me, The Joker was an absolute win and 5 stars, and I couldn’t be more excited to see the possible sequel, it was truly nostalgic, and an adventure to see on the big screen.